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Shangelic Healing Practitioners



In the 1990s, after having extensive chemotherapy and overcoming major illness, my path led me to
using alternative medicine to complement western medicine.

I met many energy healers in South East Asia who showed me different types of healing.

These assisted me and I have been in remission since 2000. Since then,  I have trained in many modalities. I soon discovered that these modalities can be used to assist all types of issues to do with our  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges.

These healing modalities assist in removing trauma that blocks us on many levels and provides a pathway for a balanced life.  The system has evolved over the years and provides a unique combination that has been reported to help people with long term issues.

This has been a part of my life as I understand how illness can totally turn someones life
upside down.

I have been in the Doctors surgery when they have told me the situation doesn't look good.
I have jumped for joy when I was told everything was clear.

Please let us assist you overcome illness, overcome your challenges and succeed in a positive way.
Always, seek medical advice from your GP  before undergoing any medical type of treatment.

Besides being a energy healer I am also trained in life coaching. I worked in the corporate environment for many years and can assist people with meeting the challengers of balancing work and life.

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