5 Elements

For ten thousand years the 5 elements have been used to treat illness through processes like acupuncture and traditional chinese medicine.

My first exposure to the 5 element theory was in Chinese Boxing. This was brought to Australia by various individuals who had trained in the US  under various kung fu masters.

They would use the 5 element theory as a strategy to overcome their opponent. If the person was fire and explosive they would use water techniques to redirect the energy. If the person was solid and earthy they would force him to move and topple him over.

My use of the 5 element theory is now to do with the healing side.  I examine the person’s body movements and language to determine what element could be neglected. Are they too stiff and rigid? Continuously moving and talking and not stable. Do they seem to be sluggish and stick to one position.

Once I understand a bit about what elements could be out of balance I will come up with a strategy to move the person into balance.
This is done through a technique called the Meridian Flush. Similar to the meridians of acupuncture,  a particular element is linked to an organ. There is a yin organ and a yang organ. By understanding how all the elements are linked we can started to assist the client. Fortunately, the chinese have been working on this for thousands of years so it is a very refined system.

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